Our History

In early 1962, Edwin Gerschefski, head of the department of music at UGA, invited a group of Athens-area teachers and GMTA state president Elizabeth Buday to discuss the advantages and privileges of establishing a local Music Teachers Association. On July 23, 1962, the Athens Music Teachers Association was founded as a local affiliate of the Georgia Music Teachers Association and the Music Teachers National Association. The newly formed AMTA elected Ina Gerschefski as President, Reginald Smith as Vice-President, and Jane Douglas as Secretary/Treasurer.

Athens MTA Charter Members


Athens MTA Past Presidents

1962-1964 Ina Gerschefski
1964-1966 Jane Douglas
1966-1968 Sally Jordan
1968-1969 Barbara Dooley
1969-1971 Lena David
1971-1973 Clara Waln
1973-1975 Letitia Colglazier
1975-1977 Dera Weaver
1977-1979 Sue Baughman
1979-1981 Peggy Randolph
1981-1983 Nancy Lough
1983-1985 Peggy Lee
1985-1987 Mary Lou Mingledorff
1987-1989 Joey Hokayem
1989-1991 Martha Thomas
1991-1993 Letitia Colglazier
1993-1995 Sue Baughman
1995-1999 Ivan Frazier
1999-2001 Rebekah Healan
2001-2003 Jane Lester
2003-2005 Jonathan Klein
2005-2007 Rebekah Healan
2007-2009 Jonathan Klein
2009-2011 Jason Bennett
2011-2013 Joey Hokayem
2013-2015 Jane Lester
2015-2017 Jack Bamford
2017-2019 Sharon Reid
2019-2021 Nancy Norman
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