Executive Board

President Sharon Reid  
Vice-President/President-Elect Nancy Robertson  
Secretary Kristin Humbard  
Treasurer Peggy Lee, NCTM  
Member-at-Large Joey Hokayem, NCTM  
Member-at-Large Jonathan Klein  
Immediate Past President Jack Bamford  

Committee Chairs

AMTA Festival Jack Bamford  
Certification Joey Hokayem, NCTM  
Fall Recital Grace Huang, NCTM  
Local Auditions Jonathan Klein  
Master Class Nancy Robertson  
Programs and Workshops Nancy Robertson  
Sonatina & Sonata Festival Jonathan Klein and Nancy Riley  
Theory Jason Bennett  
Website Jonathan Klein  
Honors Recital Mary Wolf  
Adult Recital Kristin Humbard  
Membership Wendi Stunzi  
Newsletter Erica McClellan  
Social Media    
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