Local Auditions


Every participant in Local, Regional, and State Auditions must register through the GMTA website by January 15, 2024.  This includes all Pre-College Piano levels, Piano Concerto, Piano Duet, Instrumental, Vocal, strings, guitar, woodwind, brass, and theory.



Every year AMTA holds a local association audition for piano students in grades 2-11.  These local auditions are for pianists who wish to prepare and compete in the Georgia Music Teachers Association Regional & State Auditions. The grade 4-11 winners selected from the AMTA local audition may go on to compete in the GMTA regional audition round.  

Please Note: Grades 2-3 participate in the Local Audition round ONLY (they do not advance to GMTA Regional or State auditions. They will receive written feedback, a performance rating, and certificate).

Pianists in grade 12, vocalists, instrumentalists (other than pianists), piano concerto applicants, and all college-level competitors do NOT participate in the local association audition round, but enter directly at the GMTA State level. 

There is a $20 local audition fee (non-refundable) for students and no fee for teachers.

Please refer to the GMTA website at www.georgiamta.org/student-piano for complete details and registration.

NOTE:  MTNA Collegiate Chapter Members may enter students in the grade 2-3 category only.   


GATE EXAM (required) 

Every student (Grades 4-12) is required to take the Georgia Auditions Theory Exams (GATE) as a part of their local audition. Further, each GMTA Auditions participant in the category of piano or piano concerto must take and pass the GATE (unless granted an exemption). The GATEs includes three levels of testing (A, B, and C). Levels A and B are multiple choice, and Level C includes both multiple choice and handwritten responses.

There is a $10 GATE fee for students and no fee for teachers.

For more information please go to the GMTA GATE website HERE


For further questions about AMTA Local Auditions and GATE exams please contact

Jonathan Klein, auditions chair at jonathanfk@gmail.com





Piano: Grades 2-3  YES NO NO
Piano: Grades 4-7 YES YES NO
Piano: Grades 8-11 YES YES YES
Piano: Grade 12 NO YES YES
Piano Concerto  NO YES  N/A
      *must perform in local auditions to be considered for scholarship. Please contact local auditions chair for more information.

Updated: 12/7/2022 

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