AMTA eFestival

The purpose of the AMTA eFestival is to provide students with an opportunity to learn contrasting musical works and perform them using video recordings as the medium. The festival is open to students of all levels and ages.

Solo, Piano Duet, and Concerto categories are available!

Scroll down for complete festival and video submission guidelines.


Students will receive written commentary and ratings from professional judges in the areas of musicianship, technique, memory, and poise.

There is no limit to the number of student entries a teacher may submit, and there is a $20 non-refundable fee for each student participant. 



  1. Festival registration deadline is March 3, 2023.
  2. Once registered, teachers have until March 15, 2023 to submit student videos via the online registration system (details below).
  3. There is no mandatory literature list for this festival.
  4. Students may choose from the following categories: Solo, Duet, Concerto, or Solo+Duet.
  5. Students choosing the Solo, Duet, or Solo+Duet categories perform two (2) contrasting selections from any period(s).
  6. Students choosing the Concerto option perform one (1) selection/movement.
  7. Memory is required for Solo and Concerto repertoire, with the only exception being 20th-21st century solo repertoire using an avant-garde idiom.
  8. Memory is optional for Duet repertoire.
  9. A single movement of a Sonata or Suite will count as a single selection, or several short movements may be grouped to count as a single selection when appropriate. To avoid confusion please contact the festival chairperson with questions before the application deadline.
  10. No simplifications or arrangements are allowed for Solo repertoire. Transcriptions are allowed.
  11. If a teacher has any questions regarding repertoire, the chairperson should be contacted prior to submitting festival applications.
  12. No repertoire change will be permitted after the application deadline unless the chairperson requests a change due to an inappropriate choice.
  13. Students may opt to submit a combination of one Solo selection (memorized) and one Duet selection (memory optional). Teachers must indicate this by choosing the "Other" category during registration, then entering "Solo/Duet" in the provided blank.
  14. Students may perform their duet with their teacher, if desired.
  15. A student may perform on more than one instrument (provided the different teachers are both members of AMTA). Two applications must be submitted and two festival fees must be paid.
  16. Each student will receive a comment sheet, certificate of participation, and award item. Performances will be rated Gold, Silver, or Bronze. Students may also perform for comments only and forego a rating. Students wishing to perform for comments only need to check the required field of the festival application.
  17. Students will be expected to follow performance etiquette guidelines.



  1. Video submission deadline is March 15, 2023. (Note: teachers must first register their students by March 3.) 
  2. Each video must be an unedited video of the student's performance and clearly show the student's entire hands, complete face, and keys to their instrument (for piano students). Edited videos (including cuts or overdubs) will receive comments only and not be eligible for a rating or medal.
  3. All videos must be uploaded to YouTube (Unlisted link) and submitted via the online registration system by March 15, 2023
  4. Scans/PDFs of the students' music (with all measures numbered AND student’s name clearly labeled on the top) must be emailed to the eFestival co-chair by March 15 (details TBA). 


Questions? Contact Festival co-chair Amanda Sacchitello (  

REGISTER ONLINE (by March 3, 2023): AMTA eFestival


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