Honors Recital

The purpose of this recital is to publicly present students who have demonstrated high standards of playing which reflect the strong regard for excellence in teaching by AMTA members. This recital is open to students in the first grade through college who have received a GOLD rating in the AMTA festival (winter) or an Outstanding Performer in the AMTA Local Auditions. Because the need for a second piano, concerto students from the AMTA festival will not perform at this event. Students are required to perform from memory one of the works submitted in the AMTA Festival / Local Audition. In the event of duplicate entries, the chairperson may request a change in the musical selection of a student. Teachers may enter up to three students from AMTA Festival and ALL of their OP students from Local Auditions. In the case of excessive entries, two recitals may be arranged on the same afternoon. There are no student or teacher fees for this event.

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