Summer Study
Scholarship Competition

Each year AMTA offers two scholarships for piano students who wish to study in summer music camps or festivals. Each scholarship is awarded through a performance-based competition that is open to pianists in grades 8-12. The competition is held in conjunction with the Local Auditions and features two competition groups: The 8-10 grade group and the 11-12 grade group. One winner and two alternates from each group will be selected to receive the scholarships. Previous scholarship recipients are not eligible to enter in the same group from which they won the scholarship.

Link HERE for the application to the AMTA Summer Study Scholarship



  1. The Summer Study Scholarship Competition is open only to piano students in grades 8-12 currently studying with a teacher who is a member in good standing with Athens Music Teachers Association.

  2. Contestants must perform two contrasting memorized pieces in accordance with Local Audition requirements.

  3. The judge will award TWO equal scholarships (one to each competition group) of an amount determined by the AMTA Executive Board prior to Local Auditions. The judge will also designate a first and second alternate for each competition group. The scholarship money will be paid directly to the summer music institution or instructor of the student’s choice and must be used the same year it is awarded. If the winning students are unable to use the scholarships, their teachers must notify the auditions chairperson so that the alternate(s) may receive the scholar- ship.

  4. The competition is to be combined with the Local Auditions. It will be held on the same day, in the same room, and be judged by the same judge who is judging for the Local Auditions.

  1. In order to compete in the Scholarship Competition, all contestants must fill out the appropriate form in the yearbook. If the contestant is in the Local Auditions and has already paid the Local Auditions fee, that student does NOT have to pay an additional fee for the scholarship competition.

  2. The judge will be given a list of students who are competing in both the Local Auditions and the Summer Study Scholarship Competition. None of the students involved in the Local Auditions will have to perform a second time that day for the Scholarship Competition.

  3. Following the completion of the Local Auditions, after all the winners and alternates have been announced, any Scholarship contestants who have NOT yet performed (i.e., pianists not enter- ing Local Auditions), will perform for the judge.

  4. Previous scholarship recipients are not eligible to enter in the same competition group from which they won.


Updated: 6/30/2022 

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