Sonatina & Sonata Festival

The purpose of the Sonatina & Sonata Festival is to provide students an opportunity to perform for feedback in a public recital format. Founded in 2003, this annual festival is open to students of all levels and ages, and participants are required to perform any single movement of a work entitled “Sonatina” or “Sonata”.  All performers must submit an original copy of the music with all measures clearly numbered. Each student receives a judge's comment sheet, certificate, and medal (if applicable). There is no limit to the number of student entries a teacher may submit.

Student Fee: $25.00

Teacher Fee: None (Participating teachers are required to assist with the festival on the day of the event) 

Registration deadline (for ALL entrants, in-person and video): October 4, 2022



  1. One movement from a work titled “Sonatina” or “Sonata” must be performed from memory (memory optional for piano duets or chamber music).
  2. The Sonatina or Sonata work may come from any musical period.
  3. No transcriptions or arrangements for solo piano are allowed. 
  4. If a teacher has any questions regarding repertoire, they should contact the chairperson prior to submitting the festival applications.
  5. Works selected from Sonatina or Sonata album collections that are not sonatinas or sonatas do NOT qualify
  6. On the day of the festival, each student must bring their original purchased book or sheet music (no photocopies) containing the music being performed (with each measure clearly numbered). This music will be used for the judge's reference. Teacher’s name cannot appear on the score. Due to the judging/event format, scores cannot be shared between students.
  7. A student may enter/perform on more than one instrument, provided the different teachers are both members of AMTA. If a student performs on more than one instrument, two applications must be submitted and two festival fees must be paid.
  8. Students performing solo piano AND for four-hands repertoire must submit two applications and pay two separate festival fees. 
  9. NO repertoire changes after the application deadline (unless the chairperson requests a change due to an inappropriate choice).
  10. Students will receive a comment sheet, a certificate of participation, and an award medal (if applicable). Performances will be rated by Gold, Silver, or Bronze designations. Students may also perform for comments only and forego a rating. Students wishing to perform for comments only need to check the required field of the festival application. No award medals will be given out for "comments only" students.
  11. Performers are encouraged to dress nicely for these recitals. Performers should bow at the conclusion of their performance.  
  12. Recitals for this event run from morning to afternoon (the length of the festival depends on number of participants). Each student is assigned to one recital time (time commitment is typically 60 minutes or less).  



  1. For students with health concerns or major scheduling conflicts, a pre-recorded video performance is available.
  2. To sign up for the video option, the teacher must register by the October 4, 2022 deadline and write "VIDEO SUBMISSION" in the “Additional Comments” section of the festival online registration form. 
  3. The video must be an unedited video of the student's performance and clearly show the student's entire hands, complete face, and key to their instrument (for piano submissions). Edited videos (including cuts or overdubs) will receive comments only and are not eligible for a rating or medal.
  4. Teachers are responsible for emailing the YouTube video link ("Unlisted" video) to Festival co-chair Grace Huang ( by Tuesday, October 18.
  5. Photocopies of the music (with all measures numbered AND student’s name clearly labeled on the top) must be dropped off at chairperson Jonathan Klein's studio at: 170 Woodstone Drive, Athens 30605, by Tuesday, October 18. 
  6. Judge will evaluate all videos on-site on the day of the festival event.

 REGISTER ONLINE (by October 4): Sonata & Sonatina Festival

 Questions? Contact Jonathan Klein at 

Updated: 9/06/2022 

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