Piano Master Class

Each year AMTA hosts two Master Classes: An Advanced master class in which students play a selection from levels 8-10+ (see Jane Magrath’s “The Pianist’s Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature”) and an Intermediate master class in which students play a selection from levels 4-7 (see Magrath). There is no age restriction. Clinicians for the events will come from the UGA piano faculty (upper levels) and area colleges (Intermediate levels).

The purpose of the master class is to give students and their teachers the opportunity to have individual performances critiqued by an expert clinician, and to benefit from observing the critiques of the other participating students. Students will perform a single work and are required to remain for the entire duration of the event. Performances need not be polished to recital standards or memorized. However, it is strongly suggested that the selected work be in the advanced stages of learning with musical elements such as rhythm, notes, steady beat, and expression intact. Each teacher may submit up to 3 students in priority ranking and will be notified if there is sufficient time for more than one student per studio to participate. AMTA members who do not enter a student are encouraged to participate as observers. There is a $20 fee for all performers and a $10 fee for all participating teachers. There is no fee for observers.

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